Güneysu family, despite limited opportunities in Turkey of the 1940s has not hesitated to invest. It took the first steps to eliminate the deficiencies of our country in the field of food and textile. Thus, it entered into commercial activities under the name of GÜNEYSU TİCARET and began to make a name in a short time.

Our family company GÜNEYSU TİCARET, which continues its commercial life in Konya-Ereğli, came to Istanbul in 1972 and became a new face in Sultan Hamam, the heart of the textile market. Increasing its business volume day by day with the aim of continuous growth. In 1976, our founder Veli Güneysu, the honest, forward-looking and reliable elder of the business community, laid the foundations of GÜNEYSU İNŞAAT.

By the 1980s, he turned all his knowledge and experience to the construction sector, which would become his sole business. Following the death of our founder, deceased Veli Güneysu, in 1988, the 3rd generation Güneysu family, bringing the basic principles of its honesty understanding to the present day, brings together Kadıköy district with elite structures.

GÜNEYSU İNŞAAT, which has become a brand in the construction sector, was established in 2015 by GÜNEYSU YATIRIM İNŞAAT A.Ş. continues to operate under the name.


One of our most important goals is to adapt the technological developments experienced by the world construction sector to our country, to combine aesthetics, comfort and functionality with safe structures and to bring a different perspective to the quality of life.